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Cirque du Soleil Theme Park is in the Works

In 2019, there is a spectacular theme parking opening up in the Vidanta resort in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Audiences can expect to see Cirque performances all day long, interactive theaters, hydrotherapy circuit, and a plethora of Cirque performers walking around. Vindata announced that the theme park will have a simple name of “The Park.”

The family-friendly resort will make their clients feel like they are traveling through a fantasyland. The Park will have three different resorts, according to Theme Park University, that will have theaters, eater perks, VIP hydrotherapy circuit, interactive experiences and actors.


Cirque du Soleil planning to open a theme park in 2018. #travelwithevans #cirque #travelnews #themepark

From the photos released from Vidanta Riviera Maya, it looks as though the theme is meant to make visitors feel like the theme park sprouted from the ground. The concept drawings, which were released in 2015, include a lot of natural park elements. There might also be another concept called the “Village of the Moon”, but this has yet to be confirmed.

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Each show performed at the park will be able to accommodate 3,000 to 5,000 guests. It is estimated that the park will attract 1 million visits in the first year it is open. The consecutive years following, they are estimated to attract 2.5 million.

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Cirque du Soleil Is Building a Theme Park!! This will be amazing. BRB just off to Mexico

The founder of Cirque du Soleli, Guy Laliberte told the Grand Mayan hotel that “Grupo Vidanta is offering us an amazing sandbox in which we can unleash our creativity. Both our groups strive for perfection. Grupo Vidanta is passionate and cares for the environment. We set ourselves the challenge of creating something unlike anything the world has seen before.”

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Not only will you be able to stay in a luxury resort, but you will also be transformed into a different world! You will be able to see shows, be warm under the Mexican sun, and journey through a waterpark. Not a bad deal for a family vacation!


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