Gary Kaltbaum joins Mason Dixon & The Sarge: New Health Care Act, Good Or Bad?

Last week the House finally passed a bill to begin to reform the health care act put in place by Barack Obama. Gary Kaltbaum gives his expert take on how this will impact Americans, as he joins Mason Dixon and The Sarge.

Higher fines on your taxes for not buying a government made product probably seems like one of the worst moves made by the Obama Administration, because it was. A new health care act will slowly roll back the $1 Trillion tax increase created by Obamacare. Higher fines to force Americans to purchase something is an idea of Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the brilliant architects of Obamacare, who is now advising President Trump on the new Health Care Reform Act. Gary Kaltbaum skips the irony and goes straight to the facts on this special edition of Mason Dixon & The Sarge.

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