About Us

MoneyTalk 1010 is the Tampa Bay Area’s financial talk and lifestyle radio station. We serve both the local community and the nation at large with valuable and timely information on the financial markets and emerging trends in the economy. Our programming features a wide variety of local and national broadcasters.

MoneyTalk 1010 is designed as a vehicle for communication between our listeners and professionals in industries of importance to them. The industries are not only financial advisors, stock brokers, realtors, mortgage brokers, attorneys, and other financial/legal businesses, but also companies that deal in health & wellness, education, travel, entertainment/sports/outdoor, and other lifestyle interests of financially conscious people.

The #3 talk radio show in America, The Dave Ramsey Show, is on daily from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  Dave shares practical answers for life’s tough money questions.  The Dave Ramsey Show is on more than 550 radio stations from coast to coast with more than 8-million listeners.  Dave’s message is always practical and common-sense.

A partnership with The BizTalk Radio Network expands the station to a national platform of well-known personalities and concepts with shows about investing, business, and lifestyle.

Our programming originates on 50,000 watt WHFS at 1010 on the AM radio dial, WQYK-FM 99.5 HD-2, and is also streamed on iRadioNOW, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn.

We feature a news update on the top of each hour, and timely weather and traffic reports to keep our listeners engaged and informed.

The goal of MoneyTalk 1010 is to make our listeners more knowledgeable about their finances and lifestyle through our clients who rely on the station to broadcast their messages and build their brands in the Tampa Bay Area.

MoneyTalk 1010 has a prominent 50,000 watt signal that covers a large portion of the Tampa Bay Area metropolitan area. Our strong signal allows us to reach a potential 2 ½ -million plus listeners in the market.

MoneyTalk Radio 1010-AM has state of the art studios built specifically for talk radio with technical advisors available to produce independent radio shows.