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On Fake Oranges Mike "Ski" Shares Hurricane Safety Advice

Private investigator Mike "Ski" shares tips on how to stay safe during a hurricane. He also runs through resources where you can receive help, as well as offer your volunteer services. Every Wednesday at 5:50, Ski shares a "Scam of the Week." This week he calls out price gougers! Don't be fooled by Fake Oranges.…

Don't Be Fooled By FAKE ORANGES

Don't be fooled by Fake Oranges. That's private investigator Mike "Ski" Jaczewski's metaphor for a ruse on consumers. You'll never believe the types of counterfeit items that end up hitting the market, including oranges! Tune in every Wednesday at 5 P.M. to hear Mike "Ski" Jaczewski of Toltec Investigations and Roxanne Wilder on Fake Oranges.

World's Largest Spearfishing Tournament: St. Pete Open

Our Gulf beaches are home to the world’s largest spearfishing tournament, the St. Pete Open. Every year, world-class spearfishing competitors come out to chase the big one. This non-profit event loves giving back. The St. Pete Open benefits three different local and national charities. The event continues to grow, and this year is expected to…

Rights & Repairs Welcomes Back Dan Cooley

Welcome back, Dan Cooley! We missed, Dan Cooley! So glad he's back! Dan Cooley opens up about his recent absence. Listen to Rights & Repairs with David Papa and Stanley Gipe of Papa & Gipe, and Dan Cooley of Collisiontec every Monday morning from 8-9 in Tampa on Money Talk 1010.

Mindset Matters: Why Good People Won't Run For Office

Why does it seem that a lot of "high quality" people have no interest in running for political office? Dr. Gina Midyett and her special guest, Chris Ingram, explore this topic on this week's edition of Mindset Matters. Chris Ingram is the President and Founder of 411 Communications and with his political background, he's well-versed…

Morgan Streetman: A New Kind Of Sapce Exploration

Space Burials What are your plans for your remains when you make your exit from this world? Those whose requests involve cremation now have a new option, but for a hefty price. You can have your ashes rocketed into space in a "Space Burial." Morgan is live every Monday at noon EST, then replays at…

Dr. Gina Midyett Answers The Question: What Is Breadcrumbing?

Another day, another new term we have to learn in the online dating world. We know about "Ghosting" but what's "Breadcrumbing"? Are you guilty of it? Has someone been leaving digital "breadcrumbs" for you to follow? Dr. Gina Midyett & Roxanne Wilder explain on this week's episode of Mindset Matters Sponsored by Italiano Insurance. Mindset…

Morgan Streetman: Fury at Fukushima

What's the ghastliest thing that's been seen in Fukushima? We're going to jump right into the deep end of the pool and talk about the fury at Fukushima, the panic in the pacific. Morgan is live every Monday at noon EST, then replays at 5pm EST, on 103.1FM & 1010AM in Tampa.