Let’s Talk Law: Michael Broadus

BroadusAt Michael L. Broadus, P.A. the Practice Areas are: Criminal Law, White Collar and Financial Crimes, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Family Law, and Aggravated Traffic (DIU,DWLR). They recognize their clients want an attorney who is willing to defend their rights in court. While understanding that litigation is costly, they counsel their clients about alternative methods to resolving cases.

Each case and each client is different, so some cases benefit from mediation and some from plea agreements. With some matters they are able to reach creative solutions before any adversarial process begins.

Michael’s professional and academic experiences reflect the interpersonal relation and problem solving skills that allow him to represent clients with complex legal problems.

Contact Michael at:
Email: michaelbroaduspa@gmail.com
Website: broaduslaw.com
Michael L. Broadus, P.A.
The Henderson Building
306 E. Tyler Street
Tampa, FL 33602