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Tampa Home Talk: Appraisers Under Fire

Constant controversy surrounds practices conducted by home appraisers, and appraisers have been under fire. Katrina Madewell is joined by Danielle Evans of Gateway Appraisal and Tampa Bay businessman Tommy Castellano to talk about the scrutiny that home appraisers have been put through by consumers.

The Weird Tale of Ireland's 'Lost Beach’

Located on Achill Island’s Dooagh beach in Ireland, a massive piece of their land returned. This may sound like a premise to an old wives tale, but this small community is celebrating the return of their missing beach. In the summer of 1984, a massive storm hit the town washing away the piece of land.

Tampa Home Talk: 'Homee' Home Maintenance Service App

Finding a company to service your home for maintenance on short notice can be a struggle. but the new Homee home service app is the solution. With Homee On-Demand you can find a 'Homee' near you. Katrina Madewell is joined by Homee App CEO & Co-Founder Doug Schaedler and Handy Andy to talk about how the smartphone app works.…