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Those eyes. You can’t deny the guilt you feel when Fido gazes up at you, giving you that oh so sad, glossy look as if he has never eaten in his life.

We love our dogs. We want our dogs happy. Just like we might treat a friend or relative out to a steak dinner, we also like to treat our fur baby’s to our table scraps and leftovers. Baked chicken out of the oven or canned chicken dog formula? There’s no comparison. And your dog knows it!

But if you want your dog to live a long and healthy life, learn to put your foot down. No matter how much he begs, don’t give in! Have too much of a soft spot? Here’s a good chance to practice some willpower. We wouldn’t want to give our dogs something they cannot handle.

Now, this is not too say you can’t spoil your pups once in a while. Just keep in mind human foods they cannot consume as some can be toxic to their bodies. Below is a list of dangerous foods provided by the American Kennel Club.

  • Chocolate: Everyone, even the animals, love chocolate too! But this can cause vomiting, seizures, irregular heart function and possibly death. Especially dark chocolate. Now, if Fido manages to get into the cookie jar, keep an eye on him. He may be okay. Otherwise, take him to a doctor immediately.

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  • Onions/Leeks/Chives/Garlic: Spices and dogs don’t mix. These are a part of the Allium family, but garlic is five times more toxic than the rest. Don’t let your dog suffer from anemia, elevated heart rate, and weakness.

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  • Ice Cream: On a hot day, it’s tempting to share your cone with your best friend. But dogs cannot digest dairy easily. As a healthier alternative, freeze up some strawberries or apples so your dog can also enjoy an icy, sweet treat.
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  • Macadamia nuts: This one of the most poisonous foods. Dogs could vomit, experience increased body temperature, and inability to walk. The worst- it could severely impact your dog’s nervous system.

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  • Cinnamon: They say Cinnamon has healing properties. But that applies to humans, not dogs. Cinnamon can irritate a dog’s mouth causing discomfort and possibly even bring on illness. It can also lower a dog’s blood sugar and induce diarrhea, vomiting and an erratic heart rate.

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Human foods your dog can indulge in are eggs, honey, ham (although fattening), fish, corn OFF the cob, peanuts, popcorn (watch out for the unpopped kernels), and coconut. But there’s plenty more he can eat!

And always remember, just because you don’t feed your dog a piece of your hamburger doesn’t mean you don’t love him! There are plenty of ways to show your dog some love! Give him a kiss every day, take him to the park, let him sleep in the bed (be sure to cuddle with him), and rub his belly!



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