By Gil C

People use the meetup app to find volunteer opportunities in their area, hang-outs, and less known about (perhaps,) online dating.

Now, a warning has been issued to anyone using the app.

Unfortunately, the downside to joining a meetup is that you don’t know what the host’s intentions are. Likewise, when using the app to find a date, you don’t know if the person on the other side of the computer or phone screen is legit or is looking to scam you out of money or possessions.

According to WSBTV, a couple was recently arrested in Georgia after police say the female in the relationship posed as the date while her significant other posed as an Uber driver.

The victim and suspect had arranged the date through the meetup app. During the date, the man was drugged and his possessions were stolen.

Police believe the suspects are responsible for similar crimes in several other parts of the country.

This is a good reminder that you can never really trust someone online. Perhaps there are decent people out there looking to connect with others, but it’s worth asking yourself is it worth the risk?

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