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People Are NOT Happy With Netflix Right Now

A tweet recently posted on Netflix's Twitter account has raised a few eyebrows.

Netflix US on Twitter

To the 53 people who've watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days: Who hurt you?

While some Netflix users thought the tweet was funny, others questioned why Netflix would share their members viewing habits -- Even if they withheld the members identities.

Lean.Legal on Twitter

@netflix @AmandaJuneBell Not funny, not charming, not clever. Whoever you are - writing for @netflix - you're about to lose your job.

Lean.Legal on Twitter

@Neight_1 @netflix @AmandaJuneBell cuz @netflix collects data on paying users; their official tweet demonstrates that they'll use that data to ridicule specific customers publicly; and that @netflix doesn't respect their larger customer base's concerns about other ways @netflix might misuse private data.

Mimmi Kingdon on Twitter

@EllisInRealLife @Johnson_DavidW This tweet raises a lot of important questions about Netflix policys. Who wrote this tweet? Can low level employees access private data? For whom is it possible to access data from specific users? What are the consequenses for employees misusing or accessing data they shouldn't?

Dyson cube on Twitter

@netflix Thanks for being creepy. Just what we all need. More stalking.

According to Entertainment Weekly, after receiving backlash, Netflix released a statement addressing the tweet:

In the statement, they reiterated that they are committed to respecting the privacy of their members and said the verbiage contained in the tweet was in regard to the trends of their members and not their individual viewing data.

Hmmm ... let's go back and re-read that tweet again. 53 people have watched A Christmas Prince daily for two and a half weeks ...

Is 53 people really enough to call the viewing history a trend? Furthermore, they are talking about the viewing history of 53 individuals.

How do you feel about Netflix's tweet? Do you think it crossed a line?

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