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You can bring a friend on each flight, but you’ll have to delete all of your Instagram photos to qualify.

Jet Blue has announced their All You Can Jet promotion, giving flyers a chance to catch free flights for a full year, without limitation. The lucky winner would have to pay for fees and taxes, but typically, that cost is only a fraction of the flight.

What are the rules? How do you qualify? According to ABC Action News, the first step to qualifying is deleting every photo from your Instagram account. Then, using a template provided by Jet Blue, upload a photo using the caption “All You Can ________”, and fill in the blank. Tag @JetBlue and use the hashtag #AllYouCanJetSweepstakes.

There are 3 top prizes, including cash. You can clean your slate of Insta-clutter, and fly free for a year. CNN’s AJ Willingham thinks it’s a great¬†idea and seems happy to oblige.

This is a similar move made by #FyreFestival, who had several influencers post a picture of an orange square to promote the event. The hybrid music event was a failure, some citing that ‘‘it was too good to be real’.

The deadline to get your Instagram photos cleaned out and your entry posted is March 8 at 9 am Eastern time. You can creat a new Instagram to enter the contest, but according to TIME, that’s just not as fun!

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By Marc Charles of Money Talk Radio

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