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When the fiscal year is coming to an end and there is still $97 million of taxpayer dollars to spend, what does the federal government do? They go on a last-minute spending spree, to ensure their budgets are not cut in 2019.

According to Open The Books, The Pentagon spent $4.6 billion on shell-fish as part of the budget spending spree. The timing is awkward with the media currently roasting President Trump for serving fast food to his celebrity guests. Most recently Trump was documented serving a much cheaper fast food feast to the NCAA football champions Clemson Tigers.

According to Fox Business, this is nothing new. In 2018 Uncle Sam spent $22 million on lobster tail alone. Many are asking where the ritzy shellfish was when the NCAA college football champions from Clemson University visited the White House, only to be served 300 burgers, pizza, and fries.

More recently, the North Dakota State Bison football squad were served Big Macs.

Like any business with a budget, the government has to show that all of its budgets were spent in a fiscal year, in order to not have their budget cut the following year or to have it increased. The government had a month to spend just under $100 million, and they did.

$97 million is nearly 2% of the $5 billion the president has demanded to build his promised border wall, resulting in a government shut down late last year. To top it off, government agencies spent $17,118 on a variety of sauces.

On Monday President Donald J Trump proposed a $4.75 trillion budget. Read more about how your extra $97 million in tax money was spent in the government’s Use It Or Lose It spending spree, in an itemized list here.

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By Marc Charles of Money Talk Radio

Marc Charles has worked in Radio since 2005. Marc has been active in media in Detroit, Ohio, Canada, and Florida. When he's not blogging for Money Talk Radio, he covers UFC. Follow Marc on social media @TheLegalManMarc & @TheOctagram.