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Former UFC fighter Rodrigo De Lima was killed on Sunday night after an altercation in Belem, Brazil. De Lima was training Jui-Jitsu in Belem for a pair of upcoming fights in the spring.

Sunday night Rodrigo De Lima was in an Uber car with some of his friends when he and the driver, Jefferson Roger Maciel Barata, began to argue. The argument escalated to an apparent altercation, and it prompted De Lima to exit the car and start walking. Soon after, the driver came back and drove his car into the back of Rodrigo De Lima.

Barata fled the scene after the criminal incident occurred. Officials are searching, but the hit-and-run driver has yet to be found.

De Lima fought twice in the UFC back in 2014 and 2015 and his last fight was at an event titled Shooto Brazil 85. He held a record 9-3-1 in his MMA career with the nickname “Monstro”, which translates to ‘monster’. De Lima had a wife and two children. He was just 26 years old.

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By Diego Quintero

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