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Tampa Bay Area high schools are ranked top in the state of Florida; to be exact they are number 12 out of the top 100 Florida high schools. According to studies made by U.S. News & World Report’s “Best High Schools” rankings.

The top-ranked school in the Tampa Bay area was H.B. Plant High School, which was ranked as the 36th best in the state, and is ranked 582nd in the country out of over 17,000 high schools that were evaluated. Seven top 100 ranked High Schools were in Hillsborough County, four were from Pinellas County, and one was from Pasco. Education in Florida is ranked 6th in the United States behind Massachusetts, Maryland, California, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

The managing editor of US News, Anita Narayan said: “Our mission with the Best High Schools rankings has always been to educate families about the schools in their district.” The main driver for the evaluation is so that the communities can see which schools in their area serve their students the best.

Evaluations are based on graduating rates, amount of AP classes that are being taken and passed by 12th graders, and also an analysis of how the minority students are faring in their classes. The evaluations done by US News & World Report have been highly anticipated every year and the studies are used by the schools for promotional efforts done by the schools and the school districts.

By Diego Quintero

Sources: US News, TB Times

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