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Vladamir Putin is a huge sports enthusiast, and also a narcissistic control freak. When in competition he clearly has a false sense of accomplishments, as his opponents allow him to score out of fear of their lives. Let’s look at ‘YouTube Exhibit A‘. It’s clear in this video that Putin’s teammates are feeding him softball one-timers. Then it gets even better. The opponents that are supposed to be defending him are freezing up in front of him and letting him get these cheesy 3rd-grader-esque shots off and scoring. He scored 8 times. A total abomination of the glorious game of hockey.

Now let’s get to the fun part. At 1 minute and 20 seconds into the video, Putin and his out of shape teammates are doing a victory lap and the president of the world’s most corrupt country trips over his own red carpet, falling flat on his face. The symbolic irony in him tripping over his own red carpet after scoring 8 fraudulent goals is the kind of karma we yearn for.

While this is funny, ironic and a plus one for the karma lovers, it is a bit scary. This man instills so much fear in his own country people, that they are unwilling to compete against him in a sport that they clearly love. It would be a dream to compete against your country’s leader, but they opt out of that historic opportunity. It would not be the first time Russians have been executed for unjustifiable reasons. Here is a list of 10 of Putin’s critics who died suspiciously violent ways.

Sources: Guardian Sport, NY Times, Washington Post

By Marc Charles of Money Talk Radio

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