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Starting today, July 1st, Walmart Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets, and Sam’s Club stores will only sell tobacco and nicotine products to customers over the age of 21. This change is a nationwide roll-out for all locations in the U.S. market. This new store policy covers all delivery methods of tobacco and nicotine products, including e-cigarettes. The super chains will also discontinue any e-cigarette products that advertise a fruity or dessert-like flavor, in an effort to cut back on teens becoming addicted to nicotine.

This past May Walmart made the announcement, and only 2 months and 1 week later the policy is set in place. While the policy is set, there are some exceptions. If you are active duty military over the age of 18 with proper military ID, you will be able to purchase tobacco or nicotine products. Further, adults who turn 19 before the year 2020 will be eligible to purchase the deadly products.

Earlier this year, the FDA sent a letter to Walmart requesting them to submit a plan to stop illegal sales of tobacco to minors; Walmart responded with this big move to up the age to 21. Many customers are unhappy and are calling it illegal. Below are some tweets to help sum up the consensus on social media from those resisting the new policy. But don’t be fooled by the loud minority, most Americans applaud this move by Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Editorial note: Maybe it’s time to raise the age for purchasing assault rifles at grocery stores?

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By Marc Charles for Money Talk Radio

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