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Channel 8 reports 49-year-old Evangelos Halkias has come forward to claim his winnings: $10,000 a week for life! He bought the winning ticket in Tampa at the 7-Eleven on Dale Mabry in the Carrollwood area. The store picks up $20K for selling the ticket.

The game isn’t a cheap one. It’s a $20 ticket to play. According to the Florida Lottery website, it’s been around for a couple of years but only 1 of the 6 big winning tickets has been claimed. The odds of getting the grand prize? 1 in over 5 million!

Here are the odds of the other prizes for this particular game:

Odds of Winnings
Prize Amount / Odds of Winning
$10,000 Wk/Life 1-in-5,040,000
$100,000.00 1-in-1,260,000
$20,000.00 1-in-252,000
$10,000.00 1-in-100,800
$5,000.00 1-in-40,000
$1,000.00 1-in-2,500
$500.00 1-in-667
$200.00 1-in-300
$100.00 1-in-32
$50.00 1-in-30
$40.00 1-in-30
$30.00 1-in-30
$25.00 1-in-30
$20.00 1-in-6

Posted by Marc Charles for Money Talk Radio via Geno at Q105

Source: Channel 8, Q105

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