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Only 5 of the top 20 largest companies are based in China, while 11 are in the United States. Boom, roasted.

Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the Netherlands all score companies in the top 20 list of the largest companies in the world.

The largest company in the world is ICBC in China followed by JPMorgan Chase in 2nd place.

The smallest company of the top 2,000 companies is JC Penny at #1,999 with a market value barely north of $400 million.

Some popular companies are Facebook at #63, Disney at #70, Starbucks at #351, Netflix at #431, and Amazon at #28 followed by Walmart at #29. Gander through the full Global 2000 list of the largest companies in the world ranked from 1-1,999 here.

By Marc Charles for Money Talk Radio

Sources: Forbes

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