TAMPA, Florida – Sons of Anarchy and Mayans MC comes to life in Tampa as a violent feud has resulted in the mandatory life-long prison sentences of two local motorcycle gang members.

On Monday Chris Cosimano and Michael Mencher have been found guilty in a Tampa federal court of charges including murder in aid of racketeering and related firearms offenses. Three others previously pleaded guilty in the fatal shooting.

In 2017 while driving in their vehicle Cosimano and Mencher followed a rival MC President named Paul Anderson and eventually shot and killed him at a busy Tampa-area intersection.

A sentencing date is going to be set which then Cosimano and Mencher will face mandatory life in prison. For my safety, I won’t be publishing the names of the rival biker gangs in this article, but feel free to get more info here.

By Marc Charles for Money Talk Radio

Sources: AP News

Cosimano, Mencher and Guinto were indicted for the murder of Anderson (far right)

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