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CLEARWATER, Fla. – This past Friday we learned that a Pinellas County inmate scammed a couple out of thousands of dollars promising to give up her child to them in adoption. A Nebraska couple was scammed out of their money by 29-year-old Ceara Stowe, who was charged Wednesday with adoption deception. Because Stowe gave birth to twins, she is being charged with two counts of adoption deception.

Reports show that Stowe received well over $20,000 from the couple for living expenses prior to the birth, and thousands more after the birth.

We are now learning that Stowe may have had a partner in crime, allegedly. Angelica Lopez, 30, was also arrested for a similar crime. Stowe and Lopez were both in the same prison and pregnant at the same time; this is leading investigators and to believe the crimes may be connected, although they do not appear to be.

Even after giving birth to their babies, the two criminals would send photos to the unsuspecting couples of swollen feet and tummies to carry on the notion that they are still pregnant. Both convicts do not have custody of their newborns.

By Marc Charles for Money Talk Radio

Sources: AP News,

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