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Tampa Bay Today With Shriner

We are used to hearing about animal attacks in Florida. Alligators, sharks, Biblical plagues of insects, etc. But this is a new one on me. Ever heard of a kinkajou? It’s a small rain forest raccoon like creature. AP reports that a man in Lake Worth Beach (just south of West Palm Beach) opened his door to go to work and was attacked by this creature. A woman who witnessed the battle said it sounded like a 300 pound man was tackling him in the kitchen. The man was able to trap it in a bathroom and only suffered scratches on his leg and a bite on the foot. Wildlife officers arrived to remove the animal but the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission report did not indicate where the kinkajou came from.

By the way, an adult kinkajou can grow up to about 10 pounds and is also known as the “honey bear.”

Source: AP