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DAVIES, Florida – Tens of thousands of palm trees have been killed by a fatal bacterial disease that is being spread by a rice-sized insect. This problem persists for over a decade, amid 2 other diseases that are jeopardizing Florida’s citrus trees.

Experts are calling it lethal bronzing and the palm tree is doomed when it falls ill from the disease; there is no recovery as the palm tree turns to a crisp in a matter of months.

Lethal bronzing likely originated in Mexico’s Yucatan region, and some experts believe it stems from Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Expert Brian Bahder, an entomologist who studies insect-borne plant diseases, is believed to have the best hypothesis and route to solving this problem. Bahder is also an assistant professor at the University of Florida.

Lethal bronzing is sometimes called “Texas Phoenix palm decline” because it appeared in that state in the late 1970s, killing trees in the Rio Grande Valley around Brownsville.

By Marc Charles for Money Talk Radio

Sources: AP News, Fresh From Florida

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