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CORAL SPRINGS, Florida – A man tried to surprise his lady friend and her 2 kids at her 45th birthday by landing his helicopter in her yard, with plans to take her for a spin. Neighbors did not take kindly to the chopper landing in their suburb. They called the police and upon their arrival they LEO had local firefighters shut down the neighborhood street.

A Broward County law enforcement agency is fining the man, Kfir “Leo” Baranes, $500 for violating a law that prohibits helicopters or other airplanes from landing or taking off in undesignated areas.

Leo is fighting the case claiming that the neighborhood is not on the FAA’s restricted airspace map.

For the helicopter nerds enthusiasts out there, he was piloting a Robinson R44 Raven II.

Dig deeper into this story here, as the Sentinel did a fine job breaking down this clown show.

By Marc Charles for Money Talk Radio

Sources: AP News, Sun Sentinel, Robinson Heli

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