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Tampa Bay Today With Shriner

If you joke about committing a mass shooting in Florida you will quickly learn that authorities have no sense of humor. Volusia County Sheriff’s officials posted video of their interview of a 15 year old and his mother and the subsequent arrest of the boy. It’s heartbreaking to listen to the mother’s anguish but we all understand that this is no joking matter. The young man, who posted under the fake name of Dalton Barnhart, was playing an online game and vowed to bring his father’s M15 to Seabreeze High School in Daytona Beach and kill seven people at a minimum.

Watch the video on facebook by Clicking HERE.

When the mother kept saying that he was just a little boy and not like that, officers asked if there was a gun in the home. When she said yes they replied that he had hands and feet and can grab the gun and go do something. The way the world is today police have to assume the worst.

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