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TAMPA, Florida – A Florida ‘man’ is has been found guilty of harassing his Iraqi-American neighbors and using intimidation to get them to move out of their Holiday, Florida home. After months of harassment, the racist neighbor was arrested in June.

The Associated Press reports that 58-year-old David Allen Boileau faces 1 year in prison after pleading guilty Thursday in Tampa federal court to criminal interference with a right to fair housing.

The harassment put on to the innocent family included but was not limited to, breaking into their home, going through their private mail, using bigotted language towards them and telling him that he ‘dislikes Muslims or people of Middle-Eastern descent. Boileau also took the liberty to throw metal screws at the Muslim family’s vehicle.

(Editorial Comments): It’s very good to see that our law enforcement and justice system can and will step in and protect people and their families from harassment stemming from hate and racism. The social climate that we are living in, sometimes you are unsure of where your local authorities stand with social issues like this; this story is definitive of what to expect in the Bay area if you follow Boileau’s lead.

By Marc Charles

Sources: AP News

Marc Charles has worked in Radio since 2005. Marc has been active in media in Detroit, Ohio, Canada, and Florida. When he's not blogging for Money Talk Radio, he covers UFC. Follow Marc on social media @TheLegalManMarc & @TheOctagram.