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BRANDON, Florida – A Florida man out of Tampa being charged with cyberstalking and making threats stemming from racism is requesting to be released from jail on bond. He claims he is not a flight risk.

Daniel McMahon, the man being charged, targetted and attacked a black activist who is planning to run for office in Virginia. He claims he needs to care for his elderly mother.

McMahon was scheduled to appear at a detention hearing Monday before a magistrate judge in federal court in Tampa. The hateful man is asking to be released on $50,000 bond or house arrest at his parents’ house.

An unsealed indictment document shows that Daniel McMahon would share his white supremacist views on his social media accounts. McMahon is said to have used social media to interfere with his campaign to run for a seat on the Charlottesville, Virginia, city council.

Posted by Marc Charles for Money Talk Radio

Sources: AP News

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