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RUMOR MILL, USA – According to sources close to the situation, WeWork is in talks with T-Mobiles leader in office John Legere to take the seat as CEO at the office space sharing tech company.

This is big news for the tech industry. Legere has spent the past 6 years running T-Mobile as one of the most unorthodox approaches in American business history. He is brash with his language, calls his competitors dumb in his tweets, and wears the magenta color every day. Magenta is that pinkish color in the T-Mobile branding.

T-Mobile is currently in the midst of taking over Sprint. WeWork is in the midst of being taken over by SoftBank, a Japanese multinational conglomerate.

It’s unknown as to how serious the talks with WeWork and John Legere are, or if this means that Legere is considering leaving his prominent position at T-Mobile, but this business rumor is worth a look.

Read more details about this developing story here.

Posted by Marc Charles

Sources: Wall Street Journal

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