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RUMOR MILL, USA – Reports are coming out this morning that John Legere will step down as CEO of T-Mobile in April when his contract expires. Last week I reported that there were rumors floating around that John Legere was in talks with WeWork and SoftBank about taking over the office sharing tech company as their CEO. That didn’t seem likely as he is still the CEO at mobile phone giant, T-Mobile, for now.

The unorthodox business leader took to Twitter to convert this rumor to the truth. It looks like May 1, 2020, Legere will hand over the keys to his successor, Mike Sievert. This has been in the making for quite some time according to Legere, the magenta sporting businessman.

This most likely opens the door for Legere to land himself a CEO position at WeWork, or somewhere else.

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Posted by Marc Charles

Sources: NY Times

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