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ABC Action News is reporting that the University of Central Florida (UCF) has suspended the Kappa Sigma fraternity after a someone who claimed they were a fraternity member, complained of “rigorous hazing” of the pledges.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the report came in on the university’s hazing hotline a week ago, which led to the chapter’s suspension on drug-related misconduct and hazing charges.

The reporting member claims “rigorous hazing,” including established members forcing pledges to smoke marijuana, drink entire bottles of alcohol, act as designated drivers, stand in pitch-black hallways while others screamed at them and even walk around with pet fish.

The Orland Sentinel report also states that said members used various illegal drugs, such as cocaine, and some even sold drugs to pledges and other fraternity brothers. Also, that frat brother sometimes demanded pledges to sell prescription drugs like Adderall to others.

The complainant reported.

“All of these things are done by pledges in hopes of not getting ‘balled’ or kicked out”

During the suspension the fraternity will not be allowed to have any activities, including regularly scheduled business meetings, on-or-off campus fundraisers, social mixers, intramural competitions, recruitment events and receptions. The fraternity will remain on suspension while the university investigates the allegations.

Posted by Marc Charles via Q105

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