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Multibillionaire Mike Bloomberg who is running for the Democratic Office of President is doing something unique within his campaign. Some are calling it exploitation, but is it wrong?

Bloomberg’s campaign utilized a minimum-security women’s prison labor system to make campaign calls through a 3rd party vendor, ProCom. He is being scrutinized for this. Is this bad, or is it just an opportunity for his opposition to use buzzwords like ‘prison labor’ against him in a heated campaign.

The women in the prison opt to take on jobs like this, it’s not forced upon them. The company ProCom paid Oklahoma’s minimum wage ($7.25/hr) to the prison. It’s up to the prison how much they pay the prisoners for their labor.

Again, these are women in a minimum-security prison. To be working in politics to any degree, and get paid for it, can’t be all that bad for the workers in the prison. Having a routine and a job like this is a large leap towards rehabilitation for any person in prison.

Bloomberg’s longtime spokesperson is quoted in a tweet stating that the prison labor had been used by “a vendor of a vendor of a vendor.” He added: “We didn’t know about it and we never would have allowed it.” Bloomberg doubles down in a tweet with the same approach while giving media outlets credit for ‘accurately reporting’ the news.

If these women were forced to make these calls, unpaid, then that would obviously be a major problem. I’d be willing to speculate that women in that Oklahoma prison are jocking for position to have one of those cushy call center jobs.

Get ready for a heated year of mud-slinging politicians, 2020 is upon here.

Source: CNBC, The Intercept

Posted by Marc Charles

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