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New Port Richie, Florida – J.W. Mitchell High School is the first school in the world to use new technology in their classes that is not only making the keyboard warriors of PETA happy but also making it easier for students to dissect a frog.

Remember in biology class you’d have to dissect a frog, pretty much against your will. The only good you can get out of this is identifying psychopaths at an early age (I’m kidding). It was gross, and most students would be vocal about how gross it was to do this hallmark high school tradition. This synthetic option cancels out the gross-factor.

Students at Mitchell High are offered a much cleaner and environmentally friendly option that doesn’t involve innocent frogs. Synthetic frogs that are uber-realistic, complete with fake organs, are now offered by a company called Syndaver. You know, synthetic cadaver; makes sense.

The company not only offers frogs, but there are also options for full body synthetic humans complete with all the organs and body parts, canines and felines. To find out how much the cost is, you have to request a quote, but the frog price happens to be the only one listed on the site. Synthetic frogs are $150 each. I hope real frogs around the world realize that they are being replaced by something that costs $150.

This was not done to protect the feelings of the people at PETA, this was to protect innocent frogs from zit-faced teens with raging hormones. Read more about this story here, and explore synthetic cadavers here.

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Posted by Marc Charles

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