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According to ABC Action News, that is exactly what happened to Alexzandria Wolliston, a mom from West Palm Beach, FL. She has now birthed 2 sets of twins (4 children), all in 2019!

Doctors actually told Wolliston she had better chances of hitting the lottery than this happening. But she feels her twins are her best jackpot.

All four were boys and she named them Mark, Malakhi, Kaylen, and Kaleb. Wolliston comments that she had no idea twins even ran in her family, so it was quite a shock. The first set was born in March and then (without plans) the second set arrived on December 27, 2019.

Having only recently discovered that both of her grandmother’s lost twins boys at birth, she now feels that these twins were sent as a gift from above.

While she acknowledges the additions are quite a challenge, she is happy to accept it. Wolliston had a 3-year-old daughter before any of these births, which she said prepared her for this.

 Wolliston is quoted as saying: “She was actually worse than them, so she was like two babies in one,”.

The mom of 5 goes on to say that she is extremely happy with her family now, but she does hope to keep the kid count to five! Can’t say I blame her. That’s a lot of diapers!

Posted by Marc Charles

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