Spirit Airlines is known for being the ‘Home of the Bare Fare’. You can get round trip flights all around the country between $100-$200 including taxes and fees, depending on when and where you’re flying

You might book the same flight on Northwest or United for double or triple the price, but you most likely won’t pay any other fees when boarding the plane for luggage; more expensive flights usually include at least 1 carry-on bag, and sometimes even checked-in luggage. You might even get a meal included, and some juice or soda.

On Spirit Airlines, your bare fare includes transportation from point-A to point-B. You will have to pay extra fees for carry-on and checked-in luggage. At the gate, a carry-on bag will cost you $65 if you didn’t pay for it in advance. If you pay in advance (on most sites like Priceline) you’ll have an option to pay for a carry-on and/or checked luggage for about half the price that you’ll pay at the gate.

If you have a carry-on, don’t take a chance that you’ll get away with it, because you won’t. Spirit agents are at the gates, in teams, checking itinerary to see if everyone has paid for their luggage. Pay in advance and save half your money.

AVOIDING BAGGAGE FEES: You can fly Spirit with one personal item for free. This means a purse, laptop bag, and other smaller size bags. The key here is that you don’t bring a small suitcase with wheels and a handle. If it’s not a traditional purse, you’ll want to use a bag that you can wear on your back. Make sure it’s small enough to fit under your seat on the plane.

AVOIDING $3-$6 FOR WATER BOTTLES: While you’re not allowed to bring water bottles (over 3.4oz) through TSA, you can buy them in the terminals usually for around a whopping $5. On the (Spirit) plane a bottle of water is usually about $3. Us Floridians are used to buying a flat of 24 water bottles from Winn Dixie for $2.75. So this price is ridiculous. While you can’t bring liquids through TSA bigger than 3.4 ounces, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring an empty water bottle in your bag to fill up once you get to the terminal. Airport water fountains are typically equipped with a water bottle refill gimmick.

YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BRING SOME FOODS THROUGH TSA: I’m not going to list which foods you an and can’t, but the misconception is that you can’t bring foods through the TSA security check-point but that’s not true at all. Certain foods can’t cross the security check, but the smallest foods and snacks that are packaged have no issue getting through security. They are allowed. You can literally bring almost any food through TSA and on to the plane. Instead of paying $17 for an apple juice and a small cheese and crackers snack on the flight, pack your own customized snack pack. Some cheese, crackers, raisins, and nuts will get you through a 6-hour flight with strength and energy. That will probably cost you $2-3 to pack at home.

RECAP: Use a backpack that fits your clothes and laptop and grooming supplies and you won’t have to pay $65 for a bag; it will be free. If you want to bring a carry-on or checked, pay at the time of booking to save half the price. Bring an empty water bottle to fill up later. Pack your own snacks, it’s not the movie theatres, you’re allowed to. If you’re bringing multiple luggage, it might be best to try another airline.

Fly safe!

Posted by Marc Charles

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