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According to Bay News 9, a new horror anthology titled, “Black Veil” is currently being filmed in Plant City. This is a boon for the city, as movie productions like this can really boost local incomes.

Hollywood director and co-creator Dan Myrick (of the cult classic The Blair Witch Project) is at the helm. Myrick grew up in Sarasota and went to school at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He’s been in Hollywood for a couple of decades now but claims he’s always wanted to bring production back to Florida. I say HURRAY for Myrick!

Myrick says, “The Black Veil anthology overall kind of dabbles in southern gothic mythology”. He goes on to say, “Plant City is really, really, great for filming. The town has welcomed us in.”

Producer Doug Fox added that the Plant City area also has the creepy southern gothic vibe that they were looking for, with old rustic homes and Spanish moss dripping from trees.

The Black Veil is a six-episode web series. The first episode is called Camera Obscure” Myrick said it takes about five days to shoot one episode, each episode running about 15 minutes long. They intend on returning later this year to shoot the remaining 5 episodes.

This is great for the residents as the production company has hired many local folks for assistance. Fox said he very impressed with the local people they hired for the production crew.

Fox is quoted as saying:

“We’re like 95 percent local crew, coming from L.A., this is my first shoot here, you wonder how good? But the crew here is awesome.

Posted by Marc Charles

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