BBC is reporting that Africa’s richest woman and the daughter of a former president of Angola, Africa Isabel dos Santos is being accused of fraud and her bank accounts in Portugal have been frozen.

This story runs very deep. Bankers accused of being involved in helping dos Santos and her associates steal over $1 billion have been found dead at their home. The people involved are being sued by prosecutors for the alleged $1 billion losses they owe the state.

Easter eggs are abundant in this complicated story. Isabel dos Santos‘ dad was president of Angola, Africa for 38 years and she recently told BBC she was planning to possibly run for presidency herself. She’s worth an estimated $2 billion. She lives in the UK.

She allegedly stole this money with several others while in a powerful position at an oil company. Over 700,00 leaked documents related to dos Santos’ shady operations fell in the hands of BCC and the British media outlet reported on all of it.

There are many more Easter eggs in this complicated conspiracy, it’s worth a fine-tooth skim. Read the full story in detail here.

Posted by Marc Charles


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