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With the recent viral pandemic taking place, we are seeing big adjustments in how we live our lives. Things we’ve always taken for granted, seem to be fading away. People are also a bit grumpy.

But there is some good news. I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but gas prices are plummeting. Fox News reported today that the price of a gallon of gasoline dropped below a dollar at a station in Kentucky.

That Spur Gas Station saw a big spike in business as their price was fixed at a mere .99 cents a gallon. However, it didn’t last long, as they sold out quickly and now an attendant at the station said he didn’t know when the pumps would open again.

But according to that article, Kentucky isn’t the only state with rock bottom fuel prices, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kansas all have at least one station with a price under $1.30. Not bad.

Earlier in the week Fox News also reported that Gas Buddy analyst Patrick De Haan said the national average could soon be a $1.99, heading towards $1.49. Some stations may potentially see the price fall as low as .99 cents for a gallon of regular gasoline.

So, will Floridians see this drop? Well, we have already seen a substantial reduction in pricing. In checking out the Gas Buddy App, the lowest price I located here in the Tampa Bay area is $1.89 (per gallon for regular). That’s at a Citgo Station located at 5018 N Armenia Ave. in Tampa.

As for the Pinellas side of the bay, the lowest price I could find was $1.82 per gallon (regular) at the Valero Station at 38593 US Hwy 19 N. in Palm Harbor.

In summation, by studying the Gas Buddy app, it appears the average price here in Tampa Bay is still at around $1.99 per gallon. However, some stations are still as high as $2.39 with prices varying in between. Maybe Florida gas prices will soon follow the Kentucky trend and fall below one dollar.

So, do your homework before you fill-up. And keep a watch as gas prices at predicted to continue to drop. That’s something to smile about, right?

Posted by Marc Charles

Marc Charles has worked in Radio and Media since 2005. Marc has been active in media in Detroit, Ohio, Canada, and Florida. When he's not blogging for Money Talk Radio, he covers UFC and Boxing at big events, and with his weekly radio show The Octagram. Follow Marc on social media @MarcCharlesMMA & @TheOctagramMMA.