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UPDATE: A few moments ago, Hillsborough County‘s emergency policy group vote to do away with the curfew. They said there was confusion and redundancy with the state’s “Safer At Home” order. The vote was unanimous.

Original Story:

Curfew for Hillsborough Co. residents to start tonight

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office reportedly received more than 200 calls related to people not complying with the state's "safer-at-home" order since...

Tampa area officials approved a curfew between 9pm and 5am. The vote was 5-3 today and goes into effect immediately. They say young adults are the big reason this has been put in place. Tampa Mayor Castor said she was in favor of the curfew “for a couple of weeks” to make it easier for cops to break up gatherings. Plant City’s mayor Rick Lott disagreed saying the current safer-at-home policy is already working, saying “I do have to question the effectiveness because we’ve heard the majority of these gatherings are occurring during the daytime and evening.” He added the gatherings are already against the law.

You can view and download the official order here.

Another topic discussed was making the use of face masks in public mandatory. The group says they will discuss it further and vote on that Thursday.

What’s open, what’s closed in Tampa Bay…

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