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A group of frustrated doctors in Germany is taking a creative approach to protest the lack of necessities available to them during the current pandemic. They have decided to strip down and create a series of photos to illustrate how vulnerable they feel without adequate protective equipment while they are fighting the coronavirus.

Per NBC News, the group, which calls its protest “Blanke Bedenken” (or naked concerns), explains that a shortage of protective clothing and equipment are putting their lives at risk. “We are your general practitioners. To treat you safely, we need protective equipment. If we run out of what little we have, we look like this,” they explain in one post. In another, a doctor exclaimed, “I learned to sew wounds. Why do I now need to know how to sew masks?”

On the Blanke Bedenken website, it explains that its protests were inspired by a similar demonstration of the same nature. “Members were inspired by Alain Colombie, a family doctor in Pomérols, France, who posed naked in his practice to draw attention to insufficient protection for general practitioners.”

Posted by Marc Charles

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