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Tiny home community opens in Tampa

Tiny home community opens in Tampa

You’ve no doubt seen them on TV. Tiny homes are becoming popular with retirees and millennials according to this report. “Escape Tampa Bay Village” if located off 301. But do you save much money living a smaller modest life? The guy behind this new community of tiny homes in Thonotosassa says you’ll save loads on things like electricity and maintenance. But the tiny homes aren’t as cheap as you might think – these ones range from $75,000-$106,000. But there is also a monthly lot fee (about $500) if you’re buying instead of renting. The guy doing the sales pitch does point out the appliances and designs are high end. Some have smart TVs, fancy countertops, and fireplaces. There are 10 available. Even if Florida eases up on that group of 10 policy, your housewarming party will still need to be scaled down.

Escape Tampa Bay Tiny House Village (Opens Tomorrow...)

A quick preview of the Escape Tampa Bay Village, which opens 5/21/2020. You can buy a tiny house from Escape, and live in this community near Tampa, Florida....

Watching that second video makes me wonder about privacy. I’m sure you can close curtains, but it’d be interesting to see what it’s like in person. Here’s a look at ‘tiny home life’. These photos below are not from the Thonotosassa community though.

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