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Hillsborough County Public School students will start school by eLearning for the first week of school, which begins August 24th. The following week they can go in person or online.

There’s been an ongoing battle between the county and the state over this matter.

Superintendent Addison Davis explained that if the county went against this recent order, it would incur a significant, negative financial impact.

“Over $200 million that we could potentially lose in this organization. That would openly bankrupt this organization,” said Davis. “As the leader, its something that I want to fight for this community, that’s a lot of money. And [when] we talk about money, the bulk of our money is linked to personnel. Being one of the largest employers in, let’s just say in Florida with close to 25,000 employees, if we would have to make a significant impact and hit financially, that’s connected to employees.”

The first week of virtual learning is coined “Smart Start Week.” Teachers will keep track of daily attendance.

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