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The roadways are going to have a different look to them today as students around Hillsborough County head back to class for in-person learning.

A lot of how this year’s learning in Hillsborough would take place was in limbo. About a month ago, officials had reported that students would do the first four weeks of learning online. Then, they changed it to one week of online learning.

Different practices will be put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Here are a few:

~Parents need to take their child’s temperature before they leave the house. It has to be lower than 100.4 degrees.

~Students and teachers must wear masks inside school buildings unless they are eating and drinking.

~Face masks are also mandatory on the buses for students and drivers.

Speaking of this, keep that in mind while you are out driving. If a student is walking to the bus and has a face mask on, it may affect their peripheral vision so be extra cautious around bus stops.

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