The Cuban Club Foundation put on a concert in Ybor on Saturday. It sold-out.

About 400 people came out to enjoy the show. Moneybagg Yo was on stage in The Cuban Club’s courtyard. It was outdoors. Videos started going around that showed people were standing close to one another.

Other business owners in Ybor were bothered by this.

Tom DeGeorge, co-owner of Crowbar in Ybor, said, “The city owes it to us to make sure stuff like that doesn’t happen. It’s a slap in the face to our small businesses that (are) losing thousands and thousands of dollars to try and do this the right way. As a business owner, if I would have put on an event like that after everything I’ve done to try and get approval to make my place safe, I would be mortified.”

Patrick Manteiga, president of the non-profit Cuban Club Foundation, explained that the funds raised for the concert will support the non-profit and that they did what they needed to in order to make it a safe event. He said once it started raining, some concert-goers removed their masks. Attendees’ temperatures were taken at the entrance, and the 400 guests inside the courtyard was less that 25% capacity.

Mayor Jane Castor said because the event was on private property, they couldn’t stop it. She said, “I would say, shame on you (event organizers). Individuals can leave a gathering like that and take that virus back and turn into super spreaders.”

As I read this article I’ve just written, I’m saying to myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I look back on this story a year from now, and it’s all over and just feels like a bad dream?” People getting in trouble for standing too close and not wearing their face covering. Don’t confuse that for me not understanding it we have to be safe. Let’s pray it’s #OnlyIn2020… The craziness of this year! Wow!

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