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Brewery and bar owners had one-on-one meetings with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about how difficult things have been over the last six months.

Mastry’s Brewing Co owner Matthew Dahm said, “When they closed down Pinellas County beaches, it become ghost town for a lot of our businesses. It’s going to take a very long time for it to come back.”

DeSantis said he wouldn’t expect that the beaches would be closed down again, and thinks the decision to do so was “hype-based.”

DeSantis explained, “We have to focus on evidence-based and not do things like that. That is something we shouldn’t repeat. That is not a driver [of the virus]. I think going forward I think people have understood that going forward.”

The governor is finding a safe way to open the bars and breweries back up without spreading the virus.

Some breweries and bars have had to close permanently.

DeSantis added, “If the government is telling you, you can’t do this, how are you going to make it work? You provide a venue for people to engage in normal social interaction. I just worry that when we talk about things like the social distancing, how long of a period is that natural for people? What is the effects of people not having a traditional interaction?”

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