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NHL players, when they retire, usually become coaches, announcers, or some other hockey-related job. This former player went into public service as a Tampa firefighter.

Tampa Bay drafted Nikita Alexeev in 2000, and the Russian forward played for the Lightning in parts of seasons from 2001 until 2007. He also put in some time with the Chicago Blackhawks, as well as on several Russian league teams. Now, after having graduated from the fire academy, plus EMT training, Alexeev is ready to be sworn in as a new recruit with Tampa Fire Rescue.

Here’s an interview with Nikita from 2019 when he was training.

Former Tampa Bay Lightning star Nikita Alekseev training to become a firefighter

Former Tampa Bay Lightning star Nikita Alekseev is training hard to become a firefighter in Hillsborough County. Story:

Now a Floridian, Alexeev says that certain things about being a firefighter are similar to being a hockey player, particularly work ethic and teamwork.

[Source: Bay News 9]

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