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The Tampa Bay area is still looking at more ways to ease the commute and the congestion on our roads. A California company met with the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority with a couple of ideas.

The Tampa Bay officials were given these proposals. One that features two-seater autonomous aircraft named Cora. Cora would have a range of 20-50 miles and travel at speeds up to 100 mph. They are propeller-driven and take off vertically. The aircraft, from Wisk Aero, has had well over 1,000 successful flight tests.

Wisk's Cora eVTOL

Get a closer look at Cora, the self-flying, fully electric air taxi being developed by the Boeing-Kitty Hawk joint venture Wisk. Now the company has a memora...

The second idea is a gondola system. These ropeway systems are used worldwide and are already being used in New York City connecting Roosevelt island to the upper east side of Manhattan. In Pinellas County, proposed connections at Tropicana Field, the St. Pete Pier, Clearwater Beach, and downtown St. Petersburg would move larger numbers of riders in gondolas that carry 10 or more passengers per car. Riders would have a 360-degree view of their trip, and it would be a much nicer view than in New York City!

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