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The COVID-19 vaccine requires two shots to obtain maximum protection.

As of yesterday, the Florida Department of Health data showed that almost 41,000 people are overdue for COVID-19 vaccine number two.

Dr. Thomas Unnasch, a public health professor at the University of South Florida explains, “If you’re going to go for only one shot, you’re not really going to be necessarily protected, and the immune response you’re going to get, the protection, probably isn’t going to last that long.”

“The immune response the second time around is a lot more robust than the first shot,” Unnasch said. “One of the disadvantages to that is that you may feel a lot cruddier after the second shot.”

The doctor believes some may not be going in for their second shot because they are worried about side effects.

However, Dr. Unnasch explains, “If you do have a few symptoms, it means it is working. That’s a good sign. That’s good news.”

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