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Investor’s Edge with Gary Kaltbaum


Janet Yellen is a former Chair of the Federal Reserve and in Gary’s opinion one of the reasons for bringing rates down to 0% giving hard workers and savers the raw end of the deal. Short sales and speculation were the faults of Yellen and her peers. Now Yellen and Jerome Powell, the current chair of the Federal Reserve, are meeting to talk about making the markets more efficient. After distorting the market and doing damage, they now want to use their powerful positions in the market to try to play the hero, but Kaltbaum doesn’t buy it and neither should you.

Investor’s Edge with Gary Kaultbaum can be heard weekdays on MoneyTalk 1010. Gary Kaltbaum is a registered investment advisor with more than 30 years of experience in the markets. He is the owner and president of Kaltbaum Capital Management, a financial investment advisory firm headquartered in Orlando, Florida. He is a Fox News Channel Business Contributor regularly appearing on Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network. Gary is the author of the book “The Investors Edge” and is also the host of a nationally syndicated radio show with the same title “Investors Edge” which is broadcast on numerous stations across the U.S. The show is also available on demand and airs live 6-7 pm EST Monday-Friday. Past shows can be heard online at

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