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7 time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady will be seen hanging on the backside of cars from Highway 19 to I-75. A new Florida license plate has Tom’s autographed image about to throw a pass. By the way he’s passing a football not the Vince Lombardi trophy to another car in traffic.

Tom is active with a charity called Best Buddies. They work to help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The license plates are a fundraiser for the organization. For $35, you get a voucher to reserve your plate. Later someone from the tax collectors office will reach out to finish the transaction. The $25 specialty license plate annual fee is tax deductible.

If they don’t get 3,000 of these pre-ordered (you have to think they’ll have no problem hitting that target number after last week!), you’ll be able to use that money you paid on another specialty plate. To get one visit

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