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Now that COVID-19 vaccines are going to be available to all adults this coming week in Florida, you might want to think twice about that offer from some businesses that will laminate your card for free. The idea to laminate seems like a good one. As we start to travel and get back to a normal life, providing your vaccination status will make your life easier. That piece of paper will get folded and a trip through the laundry could become a headache.

As a kind gesture to encourage people to get people vaccinated, Staples and Office Depot announced they would laminate your COVID-19 vaccination card for free. But the Tampa Bay Times reports that Pinellas County health workers are getting complaints from some of those who’ve been vaccinated saying that the info on the card can’t be read after being laminated.

Here’s the problem. Labels on the vaccination card are put on the card to show which vaccine you got along with a lot number. The reason lamination is a problem is because it uses heat. And the labels were made on a thermal printer. They say that the heat used to laminate can turn all that vital information on that label black. They say they’ve only had about a couple dozen complaints about the issue. But they say one way you can avoid the problem, but still have a back up, is to simply take a photo of your card with your cell phone. No word yet on if any Hillsborough or other Florida counties are having this problem. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

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