Coronavirus Information Center

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Of the three coronavirus vaccines that are being given out right now, the Johnson and Johnson option is the one many are looking for since once you get the first shot, you’re done.  The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines both require two visits for a shot. However, when you compare the different options there is a trade off that convenience, the downside is the efficacy rate is quite a bit lower. While the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have over a 94% efficacy rate after that second dose, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is about 67%. There are also some interesting comparisons about the efficacy after taking one dose. It’s also worth looking at the data about which vaccines prevent hospital visits. Check out this video.

Now… you came here to find out about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine availability in Tampa. If that’s the vaccine you would rather get, head to the Tampa Greyhound Track. They are open from 7 AM to 7 PM daily. The facility is at 755 E. Waters Ave. in Tampa. Beginning today, they will be using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine exclusively. Walk ups are ok with this location, although it’s suggested your register online before you head over to speed up the process once you get there.

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