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As the law stands right now, if you buy something online from out of state, you don’t have to pay sales tax. However, if the business has a presence here in Florida, you do. Amazon shoppers will know that until they set up distribution centers like the one in Ruskin, all of a sudden, wham… sales tax was added to your purchase. The one way to avoid the tax though is to shop on Amazon’s 3rd party vendor listings. With those, you don’t have to pay the tax. By default when you search on Amazon, it’s usually Amazon’s own products that show up first. You have to click around a bit to see the “other seller” listings where you can skip paying tax. At least for now.

It’s up to the governor to decide by April 19 if all online merchants should collect a tax from us for a purchase we make on the web, even if they’ve got no presence in Florida. Those for it says it makes it fair for Florida businesses as they are at a disadvantage since they have to collect a sales tax. But nobody wants to pay more… so what do you say? [Source: Bay News 9]

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